Stay Healthy With These Best Ayurveda Apps

Ayurveda is a traditional Indian medicine that has been used for thousands of years and has been proven effective in treating many ailments. This article will look at the best Ayurveda apps on the market.

Ayurveda apps are a digital platform where people can find all the information they need about Ayurveda. They make it easy to learn about different aspects of this ancient system of medicine without having to go through complicated books or research papers.

These apps are designed to help you stay healthy in your everyday life. They offer a wide range of services like fitness, diet, yoga, meditation, sleep, etc.

Weight & Height Increase Gain

Yaseen Mansuri developed this app.

App Store Description:

Home remedies are safe and valuable for common ailments. Most non-life-threatening illnesses can be treated at home. Learn how to use natural cures (alternative medicine or herbal treatment) to replace many of the most commonly used over-the-counter drugs to treat common ailments. If you use home remedies wisely, it will save your time and money. 

Benefits of Home Remedies:

– Made up of herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables

– Simple to prepare, pure, and has no side effects on the body

– Can helps 100’s with ailments like Acne, common cold, cough, flu, Hair loss, Backache, stress, Diabetes, and High Blood Pressure

– Effective to boost your child’s immunity

– Help to recover fast in seniors

– Inexpensive and joy of self-care

– Ayurvedic Home Remedies

– Weight Loss Tips

– Weight Gain Tips

– Height Gain Tips

– Beauty Tips

– Hair Care Tips

– Natural Herbs

The Ayurveda Experience

It is an app for the brand The Ayurveda Experience where you can read through courses and shop simultaneously.

App Store Description:

Download now to discover a new world of skincare and wellness rooted in a 5,000-year-old science: Ayurveda. iYURA, clean and cruelty-free, introduces innovation to Ayurvedic products without compromising on authentic ingredients or the original idea behind the product. iYURA caters to the modern, western user. Clean. Only the purest herbs.

Dosha Diet- Ayurveda Food Planner

The foods we eat play a significant role in our health. Ayurveda is India’s ancient and proven system for creating balance and vibrant health. This app by Meditation Oasis™ provides an easy way to apply Ayurveda’s principles of healthy eating to our everyday food choices.

According to Ayurveda, the qualities of your mind and body are determined by three biological “energies” or principles called “doshas” — Vata, pitta, and Kapha. Each individual has a unique combination of these three bio-energies that result in their mind-body type or constitution. Determining your basic constitution and assessing your current imbalances can modify your diet to create a more outstanding balance.

App Features:

  • Basic Constitution Quiz to help you quickly determine your mind-body type
  • Current Imbalance Quiz to find out your dosha imbalances
  • Extensive Food Properties Table of over 150 items giving each food’s properties and suitability for your mind-body type
  • Detailed instructions for choosing the right foods to balance the doshas
  • A Dosha Clock that automatically shows the dosha for the season and time of day
  • Sample food plans for people with three different constitutions
  • Eating Tips for good digestion
  • The benefits of following an Ayurvedic diet are:
  • more energy
  • better digestion
  • normalization of body weight
  • improved overall health and well-being
  • clarity of mind

The information in this app is based on ancient Ayurvedic texts and the experience of over 25 years of applying these principles to daily life. Richard Maddux studied Ayurveda in India with Vaidya V. M. Dwivedi, Vaidya B. D. Triguna, and Vaidya Balraj Maharishi.

3D Yoga Anatomy

3D Yoga Anatomy is a tool for students and teachers that ventures beyond the basic shapes of the poses, illustrating the influential forces that bring these poses to life.


• 40 essential poses with variations

• 360º view of all poses!

• Instructions for entering and deepening the poses

• Illustrations of muscle actions

• “Full 3D” feature allows 3D viewing of all 40 poses. “Full 3D” is available as an in-app purchase.

Some of the concepts discussed include “Foundation,” “How long to stay in Asanas?”, “Flexibility vs. Range of Motion,” “Synergy,” as well as “Safety,” and much more. A dedicated section of the app deals with deep muscles such as the Iliopsoas and the Rhomboids.

Ayurveda Pro

The Ayurveda app is a handbook that will help you understand Ayurveda, one of the most ancient traditional medical systems, and will always let you have its recommendations.

The application will be helpful for everybody interested in a healthy lifestyle, cooking, healthy diet, natural cosmetics, aromatherapy, alternative and oriental medicine, natural remedies, oriental philosophy, yoga, spiritual practices, and self-knowledge.

VedAyur – Ayurvedic Lifestyle, Fitness & Remedies

VedAyur is our noble initiative from TechQuipped, to provide authentic and reliable information about Ayurveda ideologies and the Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Our sincere efforts in gathering factual information aim at providing accurate information for the masses. Our motive is to bring out the traditional and ancient Ayurvedic knowledge in an elegant and user-friendly manner so that any age group can easily access the application. 

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian natural medicine and healing system that has been practiced for thousands of years. It is a holistic system of medicine that combines the best of ancient Indian knowledge and practices with modern-day science and technology.

Ayurveda apps are the modern-day incarnation of this ancient practice. They help people with their health, wellness, and well-being by providing them with advice, tips, recipes, and other resources about Ayurveda. The apps also offer a convenient way to access ayurvedic treatments without visiting a doctor or going through expensive medical procedures.

People from all over the world are finding these apps to be very helpful in their everyday lives.

A few of these apps have been mentioned on this list, and others have not. These are the best Ayurveda apps available in the Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS, but there are still many other apps that can help you with your health. Don’t forget to subscribe to Organic Ayurveda Life for more ayurvedic-related updates.

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