Chocolate and Ayurveda: The Benefits of Adding Chocolate to your Diet

Chocolate is a modern day sweet that has been used in Ayurveda for centuries. It is a food item with many benefits, and can be consumed in many different forms.

The earliest mention of cacao was in the 5th century AD, when it was used as a currency in Mesoamerica. The word “cacao” comes from the Maya word “kakaw” which means “bitter water.”

In Ayurveda, chocolate is considered to be an aphrodisiac and helps to increase sexual desire and arousal. It also helps to increase the frequency of orgasms during intercourse.

In ancient times, chocolate was used as an offering to gods and goddesses because of its divine properties, and it is still seen as a spiritual food. Cacao is a divine food that has been used in the Ayurveda for centuries, which aids in many of its benefits. It can be consumed in many different forms, such as chocolate, cocoa powders, beans or seeds and more.

Different Types of Cocoa and How Each Type Affects Your Health

The cacao tree is native to Central and South America. It has been cultivated for over 3,000 years. There are 3 main types of cacao: Criollo, Forastero, and Trinitario.

  • Criollo is the rarest kind of cacao and is most often used in gourmet chocolate bars because it has a deep flavor profile with notes of fruitiness, floral flavors, and a hint of spice.
  • Forastero is the most common type of cocoa and contains less antioxidants than Criollo but more than Trinitario.
  • Trinitario cocoa is a hybrid between Criollo and Forastero that has a milder flavor profile than either parent type.

The Different Types of Chocolate

Chocolate is a sweet and delicious food that is often enjoyed by many people. It is created from the cocoa plant, which grows in tropical areas around the world.

  • Dark chocolate is made with cocoa solids and has a higher cocoa content than milk chocolate. 
  • Milk chocolate is created from cocoa butter and sugar, whereas dark chocolate doesn’t use any sugar. Milk Chocolate has less cocoa in it than Dark Chocolate, but because it has added dairy products in it it has a smoother texture. 
  • White chocolate is made from cocoa fat, sugar and vanilla. 
  • There are also compound chocolates which are a mixture of two or more types of chocolate.

Benefits of Cocoa

Here are some of the excellent benefits of cocoa:

Good for the Heart

Flavanols are anti-inflammatory antioxidants that are found in large amounts in cocoa. It has been found that these antioxidants are good for your heart and your whole cardiovascular system. Flavanols may protect your body from heart disease, improve blood flow, and lower your risk of having a stroke. Other antioxidants in cocoa, called polyphenols, are known to help lower levels of HDL (bad cholesterol) and stop atherosclerosis, which is also called hardening of the arteries. What cocoa can do for your heart is pretty cool.

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Mood Booster

If you have trouble controlling your mood or just need a pick-me-up, grab some cocoa. Researchers say that cocoa is a natural antidepressant that can make you feel happier in a healthy way. Anandamide, a chemical that makes you feel good, is found in cocoa. This chemical can help someone feel happy. Scientists have also found that cocoa affects the brain’s reward center. Researchers have also found that cocoa affects your neurotransmitter systems to make you feel happier by releasing dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins.

Glowy Skin

For beautiful, smooth skin, all you have to do is eat your daily dose of cocoa. Researchers have found that polyphenols can help keep your cells from aging too quickly. This will keep your skin from getting wrinkles and making you look older than you are. It can also make your skin feel better and look more healthy. In one study, researchers found that cocoa helped improve the blood flow to the skin and keep the skin moist. If you eat just a little more cocoa, you will look younger and brighter.

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If you want to win someone’s heart, give them something with the rich, deep, seductive taste of cocoa powder. Phenethylamine is another chemical in cocoa that can make you feel better. It releases the same endorphins that are made when we fall in love, so it can help your sex life.

Makes you Smarter

Cocoa has been shown to help your brain and memory work better. Cocoa has been found to make the brain get more blood. Cocoa might stop cognitive decline and forgetfulness that come with getting older. Some studies have found that cocoa might help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other diseases that affect the nervous system. Just a little bit more cocoa can help your brain and memory stay at their best for longer.

Weight Loss

Researchers have found that the polyphenols in cocoa can help speed up your metabolism, which will help you lose weight faster. Cocoa makes it easier for your body to use the fat you eat as fuel instead of turning it into fat tissue. Since cocoa is good for your digestion, it keeps you from putting on weight. Most of the effects on your metabolism seemed to come from the cocoa extracts that had been processed the least.

Conclusion: Why You Should Eat More Chocolate for Your Health

Finding nutritious uses for cocoa can have a profound effect on health. When combined with refined sugar, cocoa loses its health benefits. Consuming chocolate with dairy milk, according to some research, can reduce the antioxidant effects of the cocoa. You may get the extra health benefits of cocoa by adding just one spoonful of pure cocoa powder to your daily smoothie or overnight oats. For most benefit to your body, experiment with new recipes that call for this ingredient in its raw form.

Cocoa is a healthy food. It contains many nutrients and has no added sugar. It also helps with depression, which is an important health concern. Eating cocoa can help you live a more fulfilling life and feel healthier overall.

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