ayurvedic chakras
Everything You Need to Know About Ayurvedic Chakras

When you say Chakra, it often translates into an energy center in the Western world. But according to Sanskrit, it is not significantly related to the word “energy.” This article will discuss everything you need to know about the ayurvedic chakras and the proper term. Contents and terms are from

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Who is an Ayurvedic Doctor?

Many people are referring to Vaidya as an Ayurvedic doctor. But is that even the correct term? This blog post will discuss the proper term for an Ayurvedic doctor and their different stages of evolution. The subjects are from Vaidya P. Rammanohar, and Mr. Rajiv Malhotra in the vlog: ‘Vaidya’.

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The True Meaning of Dosha in Ayurveda

It is challenging to define Dosha with a one-word English term. In this blog post, we will uncover the true meaning of Dosha, the types of Dosha in Ayurveda, and what correlates with it. The terms and translations are from Mr. Vaidya P. Rammanohar in the video series Dosha ≠

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References: Sanskrit Ayurveda Terms

In Ayurveda, most words are about the function and structures required to support the process. Here are some Sanskrit Ayurveda terms or phrases that are not completely translated into a one-English word. The translation of the terms is from Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya in the video series of Mr. Rajiv Malhotra’s

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Ayurveda: The Healing Powers of Music

Is music the food of mental health? Dr. Gabor Mate says that we are born into music, our mother’s heartbeat is the first rhythm we react to, and it continues to soothe and stimulate us throughout our lives. But did you know that it can also help with healing? In this

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Best Bitter Gourd for Diabetics Recipes

Momordica charantia (MC), a member of the Cucurbitaceae family, is also known as bitter melon, bitter gourd, balsam pear, pare, or karela, and has many different names worldwide. It is a variety of vegetables found in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Momordica Charantia, in traditional Asian medicine, has been used

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rosemary improves memory
Strengthening the Memory with Rosemary Plant

Rosemary Plant is an herb that has been used for centuries in Ayurveda due to its many health benefits. As a result, you can find it in various recipes and incorporated into beauty products such as shampoos, lotions, and soaps. Rosemary can also be found in supplements to boost memory

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